The CHA's purpose is to help advertise, foster and promote the horse racing industry in the State of Colorado. Our organization collects and distrubutes information concerning horses bred and raised for racing, and thus encouraging a better business climate for the horse racing industry and its importance in Colorado. By colaborating with various state and national agencies and other organizations, we promote Colorado farms and racing establishments as tourist attractions. Our organization seeks to assist, promote, and encourage cooperation between horse breeders, owners, and trainers of race horses in the State of Colorado. This enables us to further aid any movement that will protect the general welfare of the racing industry, including the interests of breeders, owners, trainers, and their employees. This also strengthens the ongoing relationships among racing associations, racing commissions, and the public.

We take part in and advise with legislative bodies, state agencies, racing associations, and racing commissions in the establishment of statutes, directives, proper rule and conditions that affect the horse racing industry. We represent the interest and property rights of individuals participation in Colorado horse racing activities in a fair and reasonable manner in dealing with racing associations including, but not limited to purse monies, off-track betting, simulcasting, performance rights, interest on owners' deposit in "horsemen's booker" accounts, negotiation of contracts with racing associations. The CHA promotes the establishment of recreational centers for trainers and their employees located at Colorado horse racing tracks. We aim to continue to maintain and improve the living and working conditions for all individuals participatng in Colorado horse racing activities. The CHA will continue to keep our membership of the association fully informed concerning all association business and maintain financial records of the receipts and expenditures of the corporation.