November 8, 2016 MEETING MINUTES

The meeting was called to order by President Kent Bamford.

Directors in attendance were Kent Bamford, Mark Hillman, Jim McCall, Jim Weimer, John Hammes, Mark McGregor, Matt Herrman, and Sandy Miller.

The October treasurer's report was given by Kent Bamford. Approved as presented.

The October 11, 2016 CHA BOD meeting minutes stood approved as presented.

Shannon Rushton will talk to Dan Hartman about addresses for next years CHA BOD election for next Aprils BOD meeting. Shannon will have the results of the 2016 CHA BOD election by December 1st and will notify the BOD of any new changes to the CHA BOD.

John Hammes and Matt Herrman met with Dan Hartman to propose new rule changes.

Kent Bamford addressed concerns about Shannon Rushton owning horses.

Mark McGregor moved that the CHA Board of Directors support the annual National HBPA meetings by attendance of the President and Executive Director at a minimum, seconded by Jim Weimer. Motion passed.

Mark McGregor discussed track surface issues.

The next CHA meeting will be held on December 13th at 10:00am as a live meeting.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned.

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