October 10, 2017 MEETING MINUTES

Attendance,  Kent Bamford, Jim Weimer, Kim Oliver, Sandy Miller, Mark McGregor, Matt Herman, Miguel Pena, Kerry Kemper, Vaughn Long.

  Meeting was called to order

  Roll was taken and all the above were in attendance.

  Minutes from last meeting were approved as presented.

  Treasurer’s report was approved as presented.

  Election results: 104 ballots received, 103 ballots counted, 1 was not signed. Matt Herman, Kerry Kemper, Miguel Pena elected as board members.

Arapahoe Park report presented by Bruce Seymore. Purse fund overpayment is $521.000. Bruce is working very hard to generate income to help overcome this deficit. He is being forced to repair the water treatment at a cost of about $300,000.00 by the live racing season. He will keep the 39 day race meet but would like to reduce the meet from 13 weeks to 12 weeks. Legislature is questioning human drug testing at Arapahoe Park. Bruce has written a letter supporting drug testing and has the support of the C.H.A.

Quarter horse trials are back for all quarter stake races and will be run on Fridays. New format proposed on race days. Run Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Only trials on Friday. RMQHA to establish race dates for their races and payments for their stake races will be handled by RMQHA.

Bill Powers to be moved back to the racing office.

Short discussion on Racing Commission meeting. Rules work shop to be to announced sometime in November.

One item that is being discussed is hair testing on every horse coming into the track at a cost of about $100.00 per horse.

New members were welcomed and given a few instructions and a big thanks to the two outgoing members Mark McGregor and John Hammes.

Meeting Adjourned.

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