June 17th, 2017 MEETING MINUTES

The meeting was called to order by President Kent Bamford.

Directors in attendance were Kent Bamford, Jim Weimer, Kim Oliver, Jim McCall, Mark McGregor, Sandy Miller, Matt Herrman and Mark Hillman. Treasurer Larry Terrel was present along with guests Mark Kulow, Hipolito Michel, Jessica Oscarov, Monk Hall, Kenny Brown and Gene Hoffman.

The May treasurerís report was approved as presented.

The May 20, 2017 meeting minutes were approved as presented.

Sandy Miller moved to approve the D & O and Fire and Disaster Insurance policies, seconded by Mark McGregor. Motion passed.

Bruce Seymore and Bill Powers gave the Arapaoe Park report.

Board of Directors terms that expire this year are John Hammes, Mark McGregor and Matt Herrman

Sandy Miller moved to match the $2500 donation made by the Arizona HBPA towards Rick Houghton, seconded by Jim Weimer. Motion passed.

Mark McGregor moved to donate $4000 towards the Racetrack Chaplain wages, seconded by Sandy Miller.

Meeting adjourned.

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