The meeting was called to order by Mark McGregor-President.

Directors in attendance were Mark McGregor, Jim Weimer, Larry Terrell, Ray Teutsch, Vaughn Cook, John Hammes and Jim McCall.

Jim McCall moved to approve the June treasurers report as amended by Larry Terrell, seconded by Vaughn Cook. Motion passed. John Hammes moved to approve the 2012 CHA Tax Return, seconded by Jim McCall. Motion passed.

Vaughn Cook moved to approve the June 16, 2012 minutes, seconded by John Hammes. Motion passed.

Bill Powers gave the Arapahoe Park report. We may be able to have a purse increase through the end of the meet.

Vaughn Cook moved to have the Horsemenís Party on August 3rd, seconded by Larry Terrell. Motion passed.

Contract negotiations will begin to renew the CHA-ARP Horsemenís agreement.

Shannon Rushton gave the Colorado Racing Commission meeting report.

August 17th is the due date for resumes to be turned into the CHA office for the CHA BOD election. September 8th ballots will be in the mail and the results announced at the CHA BOD meeting on October 9th.

Vaughn Cook moved to send a letter to Capwiz asking for money back on the fee we paid them, seconded by Jim Weimer. Motion passed.

Jim Weimer moved to adjourn, seconded by Larry Terrell. Motion passed.



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