The meeting was called to order by President Kent Bamford.

Directors in attendance were Kent Bamford, Kerry Kemper, Miguel Pena, Jim Weimer, Matt Herrman, Mark Hillman, Sandy Miller, Kim Oliver, Executive Director Shannon Rushton and Treasurer Larry Terrell. Guests present were Reed Jenkins.

Larry Terrell presented the April treasurers report. The report was approved as presented.

Mark Hillman moved to approve the April minutes as changed, seconded by Kerry Kemper. Motion passed.

Bruce Seymore, Bill Powers and Billy Byers were present to give the Arapahoe Park update.

Shannon Rushton reported on the Colorado Racing Commission meeting.

Committee Reports:

Horsemenís Liaison-Kerry Kemper reported possibly an extra 30 head coming from Fonner Park. Horsemanís Welcome Back Party will be May 19th at 4:00pm.
Track Surface-Kim Oliver reported track is very inconsistent. Only using 2 water trucks is a concern.
Condition Book-Mark Hillman had nothing new at this time.
Track Kitchen-Jim Weimer-Nothing new at this time.
Backside-Sandy Miller discussed problems during move in.
Legislative-Mark Hillman-No report at this time.
In other business the board discussed the possibility of recommending Jack Pretty for a racing commission seat.

Next meeting will at the track on June 16tg at 10:00am as a live meeting.

Meeting adjourned

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