The meeting was called to order by Kent Bamford- President.

Directors in attendance were Kent Bamford, Mark Hillman, Mark McGregor, Matt Herrman, Jim Weimer and Jim McCall.

The April treasurers report stood approved as presented by Kent Bamford.

The April 15, 2015 CHA BOD meeting minutes stood approved as presented.

Bruce Seymore and Bill Powers gave updates for Arapahoe Park.

Shannon Rushton gave a report on the ARCI conference held in Tampa Bay.

Mark Hillman gave an update on our lobbying efforts for the current legislative session.

Shannon Rushton gave the Colorado Racing Commission meeting report.

Shannon Rushton gave an update on the NHBPA summer convention to be held in Colorado.

By-law revisions were tabled until the June meeting.

The next meeting of the CHA will be held on June 9 at 11:00am at the CHA conference room at Arapahoe Park. Bylaw revisions will be the main topic of discussion.

Mark Hillman moved to only audit the 2013 purse fund, seconded by Jim Weimer. Motion passed. Jim McCall abstained.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned.

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