The meeting was called to order by President Kent Bamford.

Directors in attendance were Kent Bamford, Mark Hillman, Kerry Kemper, Jim Weimer, Jim McCall, Sandy Miller, Kim Oliver and Treasurer Larry Terrell.

Larry Terrell presented the January treasurers report. The report was approved as presented.

Minutes from the January 16, 2018 CHA Board of Director meeting were approved as presented.

Shannon Rushton reported on the Colorado Racing Commission meeting. The rules meeting were held today. The hair testing rule was tabled until the March meeting. CHA will meet with Dan Hartman to modify the language in the proposed rule.

Committee Reports:

Horsemen’s Liaison-Kerry Kemper reported he will be heading to Arizona the first week of March and Nebraska after that. He has had conversations with trainers and has had some success in recruitment.
Track Surface-Kim Oliver reported on what the committee’s focus will be. Fixing the rock problem, ensuring the base is safe and the water trucks are watering in a consistent manner.
Condition Book-Mark Hillman reported on attempts to offer changes to the condition book. Efforts will be ongoing.
Track Kitchen-Jim Weimer is still in the process of finding someone to operate the kitchen.
Backside-Sandy Miller discussed the idea of purchasing lawn mowers and decided to not go forward with that idea.
Legislative-Mark Hillman reported the casinos are opposing internet café legislation.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned.

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